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Vlad the Impaler vs. Dracula – (I)

Dracula character, as it is perceived today, appears as interference between the many legends that have circulated over the years, betweenIrishman Bram Stoker novel and among facts, historical, of Vlad Tepes, also called Dracula.

Prince Vladthe Impaleris an iconic image, the subject of many literary and historical creations. Vlad the Impaleris first mentioned in history in 1448, when he started, but his first reign wrap. In 1456, Vlad Tepes climb for the second time on the throne of Romanian, until 1462. Then followed a period of tumultuous events in which Vlad Tepes fight fiercely against the Ottoman Imperia, hatred of the people-even in childhood , is when he was taken hostage by the Turks, and his family had been killed by them.

In 1474, Vladthe Impaler ruler reaches for the third time, however, and this time is brief reign, was assassinated in December 1476. It is said that he had been beheaded, and his head was sent to the Sultan, who sat in an impaled.

Origin of the name

We all probably wondering where the name originates and where Vlad the Impalerassociation withDracula. The nickname „the Impaler” was awarded under authoritarian rule, he trying to impose the values of honesty and diligence Roman people. Stealth and cunning were severely punished those who despised ruler rules being impaled. Although described as a cruel and intolerant man, Vlad the Impalerwas respected by his subjects for effective campaigns they went against the Turks.

The association with Dracula comes, in fact, from his father’s nickname, Dracul and, hence, a series of derivatives such as demons, Dracula, Dracula, etc. Vlad’s father was a member of the Order of the Dragon, order that fights against heretics and unbelievers.

The nickname Dracula / Vlad the ImpalerDracula assigned and created the character in Bram Stoker’s novel „Dracula” has led to confusion and association with the character legendary Vlad the ImpalerDracula. Dracula will be shared in the article next week in Special Box Art & Craft.

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